Transmission Trouble: 6 Common Symptoms

Because your vehicle’s transmission works under extremely hot temperatures and does a demanding job, it’s likely going to show some signs of trouble at some point. It’s especially important with transmission problems that they’re addressed at the first indication of an issue. Otherwise, you could end up needing repairs that are far more expensive than they should’ve been. Here’s a look at six signs that you need transmission repair.

Suddenly Pops Out of Gear

In the event that you’re just cruising along and then all of a sudden your car pops out of gear, then you’ve got a classic sign of a transmission problem. Not only is this a serious mechanical issue, but it also poses a safety hazard because you don’t have complete control over the function of your vehicle.


With vehicles that have manual transmissions, this is suggestive of a clutch that is wearing out. Difficult to Get into Gear If it takes a number of attempts to simply get into gear, then there’s reason to be concerned about your transmission’s health.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It’s a good practice to occasionally look at the ground below where your vehicle is often parked and then see if there are any signs of fluid leaks. If you see any fluid that has a reddish hue, then your vehicle could be leaking transmission fluid.

Burning Transmission Fluid

When the fluid smells burnt and/or turns darker in color, then there’s reason to suspect trouble is brewing with your transmission.

Lurches while Shifting

If your vehicle becomes herky-jerky when you shift, this could mean that the transmission is running on old parts that are no longer functioning properly.

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