How to Know You Might Need Brake Repair

There are certain things that happen to our vehicles and we immediately know we should take the car in for repair work. Whether we’ve been in a fender bender and need someone to fix our bumper, or we’ve driven over a nail and the air has gone out of a tire, we can immediately identify that something has gone awry and that we need to seek out a team of experts to help us repair the damage. However, there are some things that aren’t quite as easy to identify — parts of our car that are in just has much need of attention but we don’t see it as clearly and therefore aren’t aware of the need for repair. This is often what happens with our brakes. We know they are important and should be maintained, but rarely are conscious of when they should be repaired. Staying on top of the health of your brakes is not only important to the safety of the vehicle, but the safety of the occupants riding inside.

Brake Pad Deterioration

Our brake pads exist to provide a layer of absorption and compression for all the friction that occurs when we brake. Since we don’t want metal pressing against metal, the brake pads act as a barrier that allow the friction and pressure to increase all the way up until we come to a complete stop. They are there to prevent any kind of damage. However, as we continue to brake over and over again over long periods of time these brake pads are put through a lot of pressure. And, over time, they will begin to thin. It’s important that you keep an eye on the thickness of your brake pads as the thinner they get the less effective they become.

Hear Anything New?

One of the signs that your vehicle might be in need of brake repair, and that your brake pads have become too thin, is if you start to hear a high-pitched squealing when you are braking. When you start to hear this sound it is probably a sign that your brake pads have worn away to a level of thinness that isn’t safe. When the brake pads become too thin then metal will begin to compress against metal, resulting in the high-pitched squealing sound you sometimes hear when people are braking. This is a sign that you need to seek out the help of a mechanic right away as the metal against metal could cause damage.

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