Classic Signs of a Cooling System Problem

The instant that you turn the key and your vehicle comes roaring to life, your engine temperature starts to rise rapidly. To prevent your car from overheating (which can cause significant engine damage), it’s crucial that you have a healthy cooling system. Your cooling system is made up of a variety of parts, which include your radiator, fan, and thermostat. If you have reason to believe that there could be an issue with your cooling system, it’s prudent to be proactive about getting it repaired so that you don’t become at risk of overheating. Here’s a look at five signs that you need cooling system repair.

High Reading on Temp Gauge

If the temp gauge on your dashboard has risen quickly, or has slowly made its way into the red zone, you’ll want to cease driving and get in touch with a mechanic who can assist you with determining whether or not your car is safe to operate.

Smoking from Hood

In the event that smoke begins rising up from under your hood, you’ll want to get to the side of the road when it is safe to do so and then you’ll probably need to add coolant and/or water.

Low Coolant Level

If something has caused your coolant to get low, you’ll want to call up a reputable mechanic who can quickly and accurately identify what exactly is causing the issue. If coolant leaks internally, it can then become burned up in your combustion chamber.

White Exhaust Smoke

White exhaust smoke is an indication that coolant is actually burning up within your combustion chamber. Anytime that exhaust smoke appears to be off-colored, it’s a good idea to visit the shop and get diagnostics performed.

External Coolant Leak

Every now and again, you’ll want to inspect the ground where you often park your car to see if there is any evidence of automotive fluid leaks. If bright green fluid is puddling, then you’ve got an indication of an external coolant leak.

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