6 Symptoms of a Transmission Issue

Your car’s transmission has to deal with intense levels of heat and stress, which means that there’s a good chance it’s eventually going to need some TLC from a mechanic. With transmission trouble, it’s best to be proactive and address the issue as soon as possible so that it doesn’t end up costing you significantly more on the repairs than should’ve been necessary. Here’s a look at six signs of a transmission problem.

Herky-Jerky while Shifting

An indication that your transmission is operating with worn-out parts is that you can feel it jerking and lurching when you shift.

Pops Out of Gear while Driving

If you’re just casually cruising along and suddenly your vehicle pops out of gear, then you’ve got cause for significant concern. While this is symptomatic of a serious transmission problem, it also is an indication that you no longer have total control over the operation of your vehicle, which could consequently put you and your passengers in harm’s way.

Hard to Get into Gear

It shouldn’t require several tries just to get into gear. If it does, then you’ve got red flags regarding your transmission.

Transmission Fluid Leak

It’s a good idea to periodically look down at the ground beneath where your car is regularly parked to check for automotive fluid leaks. An accumulation of a reddish-colored fluid could be a sign of a transmission fluid leak.

Burning Fluid

A sign that your transmission isn’t functioning as it should is that the transmission fluid is emitting a burnt odor and has turned to a darker hue.


In cars that have manual transmissions, this could be an indication that the clutch is wearing out.

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