5 Common Reasons a Vehicle Won’t Start

For your engine to come roaring to life on all cylinders, it’s necessary that there’s the right mix of air, fuel, and electricity, along with healthy parts that make it all work together. When any of those specialized parts go awry, you may well end up finding yourself unable to get moving. Here’s a look at five common causes of no-start.

Dirty Fuel Injectors

Old, gunked-up fuel injectors can make it so your combustion chamber is unable to take in in the fuel that is necessary for your engine to fire up. In this scenario, it could be worthwhile to try out a fuel additive.

Bad Alternator

Your alternator is what juices up your battery. In the event that it goes haywire, then your battery could run out of power and leave your vehicle incapable of starting.

Faulty Ignition Switch

The ignition switch generates the electrical pathway that is necessary for your engine to come to life. There may be a problem with your ignition switch if you’ve noticed that your dash lights have started to flicker.

Failing Starter

If when you turn the key you just get a clicking sound, then you have cause for concern regarding your starter. Over the course of years of regular driving, standard wear and tear is liable to cause your starter motor and starter solenoid to fail.

Bad Fuel Pump

When a fuel pump is faulty, gasoline may not be able to travel easily between your gas tank and engine—and you could end up stranded as a result. A sign of trouble with the fuel pump is inconsistent acceleration.

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